What’s Next?

As Believers of Jesus Christ, we are all on a journey with Him. He has a plan and purpose for our lives. He wants us to grow and learn about Him. Believing on Jesus Christ to forgive our sin and take us to Heaven is the first step on that journey. You must make that decision. After that choice, God has much to show us –  With God’s help take the next step!

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Take the Next Steps in your Walk with Jesus Christ



Choose to Believe on Jesus Christ

This is the most important step. You can’t enjoy the Journey with Jesus Christ – UNTIL – you make the decision to believe on Him alone as your only way of salvation and forgiveness of sin. 


Daily Pray and Read the Bible

It is important to note – that this step and following steps do not provide salvation, forgiveness of sin, or enterence into Heaven. That was all provided by Jesus Christ when He died and rose again, and we place our faith and trust in what He did. These following steps help us to walk closer to God and learn more about Him. These steps help us to be a better follower of Jesus Christ.


Jesus Christ wants us to speak with Him about everything going on in our lives and the lives of those closest to us. We do this through prayer. Prayer also allows us to thank Him, praise Him, and confess our sin that we still commit from day to day. Jesus Christ wants to speak with us – He does this primarily through His Word the Bible. It is important to read – I encourage you to start reading in the Gospel of John. 


Regularly attend a Bible believing Church 

You can find a church directory on this site. Consider visiting a church listed here. Finding a church that truly believes the Bible is going to get more and more difficult. Many are a church in name only – but, really only are interested in being a social gathering. The church needs to be centered on Jesus Christ. Church attendance is important for a number of reasons. First, it is commanded for believes to assemble together with other believers. Second, it is important for fellowship/friendship with others. Third, we need the teaching and preaching of God’s Word to help us in our Walk with Christ. Fourth, it is another opportunity to worship God and serve Him.  Also, the very first command that Jesus Christ has given to new believers is that of getting baptized. Finding a bible believing church is vital in obeying this vital step as a believer. 


Begin to Share with Others about what Jesus Christ did for you

One of the first things that Jesus Christ commanded and encouraged new believers to do was share their faith with others. If someone paid off all your debt – you would tell everyone about what they did! Well, Jesus Christ did more than that – He paid off all our sin debt – We should be just as excited and willing to tell others how they can experience the same wonderful occasion. Pray and ask the Lord to show you who you are tell first! 

You have found God!

Often, when someone chooses to believe on Jesus Christ – they joyfully say- “I have found God, I have found the answers that I have been looking for.” While this is exciting and partly true – the more mind-blowing truth is that God was seeking you and I long before we were ever looking for Him. 

Actually, God has been seeking you!

God started this quest of seeking you when He choose to die for you – long before He ever created the universe and long before creating you and me. He wants a deeper relationship with you more than you could ever know. He loves you and cares much about you! He has put every situation and circumstance together that would bring you to the place where you would be able to hear the Words of God and make your decision. 

Now God wants to show you more!

If you have ever looked up at the stars and contemplated the vastness of the universe – it can be quite overwhelming. To think that God made all of that. This means that God is bigger than the universe. This also means that God’s knowledge, wisdom, and understanding is far above ours. 

God wants us to grow in our knowledge of Him. As we walk with Him, He will reveal more and more about Himself to us. 

He has a great wonderful plan for your life – let Him show you what that is!

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