Steps to Grow as a Believer of Jesus Christ

As Believers of Jesus Christ, we are to be growing in our fellowship with Him. Our relationship with Christ started the day we chose to believe on Jesus Christ alone. After this, our fellowship with Him begins. We are to be following closer and relying more and more on Christ day by day. We are to deepen our knowledge and understanding of His Word. We are to grow stronger in our faith. Our prayer life should be just that – something that is as essential as food and water to our physical life. We are to be helping others learn about what Jesus Christ has done for them. 

In this section, you can find the necessary steps to grow as believer of Jesus Christ




 Jesus Christ said in John 15:5 – “I am the vine, ye are the branches:

    He that abideth in me, and I in        him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.

Jesus Christ is the source of Life. We as believers need to constantly strive to stay close in our fellowship with Him. While a true believer will never lose his or her salvation- we can find ourselves distant in our fellowship. This is what it means to abide in Christ. It means to walk close to Him day by day, allowing Him to lead and control. When we do that- we can do much through Him.



daily Walk with God through bible reading

Believers need to spend time each day reading and studying the Word of God. It through God’s Word the Bible that we find strength and encouragement, grow in our Christian life, fight sin and temptation, find direction in living and working through all situations and circumstances, and learn about the character and nature of God. God’s Word is still a very relevant book for today and that will hold true for all eternity.

We recommend that for English Speakers that you read the King James Version of the Holy Bible


daily Walk with God through Prayer 

Believers need to spend time each day praying and worshipping God.

A well-balanced prayer time consists of the following: Praise and Thanks to God, Confession of Sin, Prayer for Others, Prayer for Self, Listening to the soft speaking of the Holy Spirit.

God wants to hear from you, and He wants to speak with you. He will speak with you through a number of ways.

He will speak through His Word the Bible, through Bible preaching, and through His Holy Spirit.

Learn to listen as well as grow in your communication with God.


sharing the gospel with others

Believers are called by Jesus Christ to share the good news they received with others. We are to share with everyone about what the fact that Jesus Christ has paid for our sin and has made it possible for us to have peace with God. We have been given a ministry of reconciliation. We are to share with every person about how they can be reconciled back to God through Jesus Christ! 

Passing out Gospel literature called Tracts are a good way to start with sharing about Jesus Christ. Learning to share your story of how you came to believe on Christ is also very effective in communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ with others.


Regular church attendance 

Church Attendance is important for a number of reasons. Attending a true Bible believing Church that preaches the Bible without compromise is vital. We are living in a day when much false teaching is being taught in many churches. One can’t believe what someone says simply because they are a preacher or are in a church. 

Check out our Church Directory for a church in your area. We encourage you to pray about where the Lord would have you to faithfully attend.

We recommend that you consider visiting a Baptist church.